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Adobe Dreamweaver Training Courses

Adobe Dreamweaver is the leading web authoring application for professionals. Learn about the world of web design with this hands-on course!

Step-by-step instructor led training sessions will teach you how to plan and produce stylish web pages with this versatile industry-leading package.

Build skill in managing text, graphics, colours and links efficiently and effectively with practical projects. This course is perfect for beginners.

Adobe Dreamweaver Basic

1 or 2 day courses available

Get up to speed quickly by learning about the following topics:

  • The Dreamweaver workspace
  • Basic HTML
  • Web sites and pages
  • Text formatting with CSS
  • Adding Images and various Image Formats
  • Tables
  • Links
  • Publishing
Course Outline (PDF)

Adobe Dreamweaver Advanced

1 day course

Improve your Dreamweaver skills and workflow by learning about the following advanced topics:

  • CSS Layout
  • Site Assets
  • Forms
  • Rollovers and Behaviors
  • AP elements
  • Working with XML
  • Collaboration and Publishing
Course Outline (PDF)