About Us

Blank Page

People are an organisations most important asset. A great deal of emphasis is placed on recruiting and the interview process in order to build a company’s talent base. Unfortunately, often the investment in people stops there.

Having worked in education and training for many years, within both the corporate and educational sector, we’ve learned a few core reasons why training staff is so crucial to a company.

Skilled, well-trained staff are good for business, they are more capable and therefore more willing to take control over their jobs as they gain positive attitudes. They need less supervision, which frees up supervisors and managers to do other tasks.

Skilling your staff is also beneficial for your workforce; ever heard the age-old adage “A happy staff is a productive staff”? Employees who understand the business are more satisfied and are more motivated, leading to better workplace relations.

Why choose Us.

Blank Page has been around since 2008; however, our training experience extends over almost 20 years. We started up because our personal experience with training programs at companies where we had worked was underwhelming. We saw a need for a major paradigm shift in how we think about training our workforce and the skills they need to have to be relevant, equipping them with the knowledge and skill that they need to do their job.

Our Mission.

At Blank Page, we’re a small team of training experts dedicated to helping companies up skill staff, resulting in enhanced business performance, higher profits and improved staff morale.

What we Do.

At Blank Page, we listen to you, get to know your business, and only then do we develop a tailored course to achieve optimum results for your organisation.

Director & Founder

Anton Porteus

I've been in the training industry since 1997 and have always made it my goal to build relationships with clients; learners and training coordinators alike.

Having relationships with clients means that I know what they need and require during training and courses can be customised for each of them.